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Harwell: The British Atomic Energy Research Establishment Prepared under the direction of Sir John Crockcroft
Mesons—a Summary of Experimental Facts by Alan M. Thorndike


Liberal Education in Our Engineering Colleges
by Earnest C. Watson

Robert A. Millikan
An 85th birthday portrait

Plant Hormones
Basic studies on plant hormones have resulted in the development of a new science—the science of the chemical control of plant growth.
by James Bonner

Faculty Portrait: Howard J. Lucas
Professor of Organic Chemistry at Caltech for nearly 40 years, he's achieved real success in his favorite field of research—the synthesis of chemists.

Campus News:

The Month at Caltech

Some Notes on Student Life
The Wingless Flight of the F-84
by Jim Crosby

Alumni News


Alumni Seminar Day Program
A complete listing of events scheduled for Alumni Seminar Day, Saturday, April 11