Table of Contents

The Natural History Library
Mathematical Handbook for Scientists and Engineers
by Granino A. Korn and Theresa M. Korn
Faculty Books: The Hubble Atlas of Galaxies by Allan Sandage
Catalogue of Galaxies and of Clusters of Galaxies Vol. 1 prepared by Fritz Zwicky
Alumni Books:
Ballistic Missile and Space Vehicle Systems edited by Howard S. Seifert and Kenneth Brown
Radioisotope Applications Engineering by Jerome Kohl, Rene D. Zentner and H. R. Lukens


Keeping the Curriculum Up to Date
Three of the more serious challenges facing the makers of college chemistry curricula—and some changes which have been made at Caltech in an effort to meet these challenges.
by Ernest H. Swift

Research in Progress
Iris Genetics
by A. H. Sturtevant

The Changing Campus
A pictorial progress report

Project New Valley
A geologist, a physicist, and a geochemist tackle Egypt's water problem.
by Egon T. Degens

Rudolf L. Mossbauer—Nobel Prizewinner

Campus News:

Student Life
The Caltech Student
by Lance Taylor '62


Lost Alumni