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Faculty Books
Atlas of Solar Magnetic Fields by Robert Howard, Vaclav Bumba, and Sara F. Smith
Chemical Dynamics by Joseph B. Dence '69, Harry B. Gray, George B. Gray. George S. Hammond
Advances in Photochemistry Volume 5 edited by Albert Noyes, Jr., George S. Hammond, and J.N. Pitts, Jr.
Seven Comedies by Marivaux Selected by Oscar and Adrienne S. Mandel
Organic Synthesis by Robert E. Ireland
Soil Mechanics and Engineering by Ronald F. Scott and Jack J. Schoustra
Twentieth Century Interpretations of the Tempest
edited by Hallett Smith
Southern Africa and The United States edited by William A. Hance, with Leo Kuper, Vernon McKay, and Edwin S. Munger


Space—Where Now, and Why?
A pioneer lunar geologist, long involved in the space program, says we haven't yet learned how to use man in space.
by Eugene Shoemaker

Mars—A New Mystery
Mariners VI and VII showed the planet to be cold, dry and rugged. But does anything live there?
by Bill Becker

Ok, Teacher, What Does Living Mean?
The third grade is a good place to see how much you learned at Caltech; it's also a good place to pick up some of the things you missed.
by Gregg Wright

Research Notes
Rocks from the moon. Double vision. Pieces of smog.

One of the Best
When a scientist like Robert Christy clenches his jaw and announces, "I can do it, dammit!" you generally see some fruitful results.

Campus News:

From Dancing Bees to Urban Housing—A Diversified Summer
Students and faculty attack some greater (and lesser) problems.

The Summer at Caltech