Table of Contents

Where Has All the Ivy Gone? by Muriel Beadle
What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This? by Joyce Teitz


The Dynamics of Information
Our time seems marked by a growing sense of being out of touch, of a too rapid growth in what there is to know. To deal effectively with informational problems, we need to understand the dynamics of information.
by Frederick B. Thompson

Globetrotting with the Glee Club

Alias Neal Pings
Give a busy man another job, and you get a busier man. If he's C. J. Pings, you also get the job done.

Research Notes
Clearing the Air for Pollution Standards
Checkup on Einstein
A Revised View of Mars
How It All Began?

The High Cost of Being Good
—or Calling on All Alumni
by Donald D. Davidson

Campus News:

The Summer at Caltech