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Some Dilemmas in Science
by Lee A. DuBridge
Caltech's president emeritus comes back to give the 1977 Commencement Address.

Ge 136—It's All Outdoors
A new way of teaching geochemists, geophysicists, and planetary scientists some good old-fashioned geology.

Computer Modeling: How Good Is It?
by Donella Meadows
Computer modeling is a baby that needs to develop and to be given some tolerance.

Probing the Universe: Big Bang, Black Holes, and Gravitational Waves
by Kip Thorne

The Rolling Stones
by John D. Bush, '55
A professional designer of machines suggests the easy way the pyramids may have been built.

Bucharest '77—Richter 7.2
by Frank Lamson-Scribner, '46
The great Romanian earthquake of last March as experienced by a Caltech alumnus.

William W. Michael, 1885-1977
A Tribute by Paul C. Jennings

Don M. Yost, 1893-1977
A Tribute by Terry Cole