Annual Meeting


A total of 327 alumni met at the Elks Club in Pasadena for the annual banquet and meeting of the Alumni Association on June 6.


In his report to the alumni on developments at the institute during the past year, President DuBridge announced that the Alumni Association had raised more than $26,000 to add to the Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund making a total of $68,000 which will be used to provide four‑year scholarships for worthy undergraduates at Caltech.


The featured speaker of the evening was Virgil Pinkley, editor and publisher of the Los Angeles Mirror-News, whose subject as ''Asia and the World."


William F. Nash, Jr. '38 of Pasadena, took over as president of the Alumni Association.  The new vice president is Willis B. Donahue '34 of Sail Gabriel.  Donald S. Clark '29 and George B. Holmes '38 were re‑elected as secretary and treasurer, respectively.


Newly‑elected members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors for two‑year terms are John R. Fee '51 of Pasadena, Chester Lindsay '35 of Ontario, John Osborn '39 and E. P. Fleischer '15 of Pasadena.


Reunion classes this year included 1911, 1916, 1921, 1926, 1931, 1936, 1941, 1946 and 1951.  Out of the 327 alumni who attended the banquet, 215 were members of reunion classes.  Two of the class of 1911, Royal D. Ward from Upland, California, and Harold C. III from Covina, celebrated their 45th anniversary at the banquet.


Out‑of‑state alumni who attended the banquet and meeting included Charles H. Bidwell '26 of Albuquerque, New Mexico; Rear Admiral Clarence A. Burmister '25 of Bethesda, Maryland; W. F. Chapin '41 from Houston, Texas; Carl Hirsch '51 from St. Louis, Missouri; Byron B. Johnson '31 from Waukegan, Illinois; A. W. Thiele '51 from Richland, Washington and E. G. Trostel '31 from Dallas, Texas.


The Class of 1956 attended its first alumni banquet and meeting, with 67 members present.  Three of the graduates are sons of alumni; Kenneth L. Laws, son of Allen L. Laws '26, Byron Johnson, Jr., son of Byron B. Johnson '31, and Stuart W. Bowen, son of William H. Bowen '32.