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Edward B. Lewis, Nobel Laureate 1995
A classical geneticist is recognized for his insights into the process by which genes control the development of an organism from egg to adult.

Science with the Keck Telescope
by S. George Djorgovski
The 10-meter Keck Telescope has been up and running for two years now. Here's a sample of what we're seeing with it.

The Triple Helix
by Thomas Hager
In an excerpt from a new biography, Linus Pauling turns briefly—a bit too briefly—away from his protein work to pursue the structure of DNA.

Changing the Core
by David J. Stevenson
Should Caltech's required curriculum in the first two undergraduate years, ordained of old, change with the times? Yes, say the current faculty.


Obituaries: Arrola DuBridge; Clair Patterson; Olga Taussky-Todd

Lab Notes: One Down, Six To Go; Galileo Hits the Spot

SURFboard: Radical Stick, Dude!

Random Walk