Table of Contents

Voyager 2: Close Encounters of the Last Kind
Stunning pictures of Neptune and its satellite Triton mark the finale of the JPL spacecraft's 12-year grand tour of the solar system.

From Microscopy to Microfabrication
by Thomas E. Everhart
Cattech's president offers a personal illustration of the way science and engineering build on one another.

White Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
by Lisa C. Heinz
Caltech scores high in the education polls. But can you really measure the "quality" of education, and should you even bother to try?

The Piper and the Physicist
by Jenijoy La Belle
Innocence gives way to experience in teaching poetry to budding scientists.


Lab Notes: Channeling; Bid Me Up, Scotty

SURFboard: Arms and the Robot

Random Walk