Table of Contents

Is the Antarctic Ice Sheet Disintegrating?
by Barclay Kamb
A Caltech team drills to the bottom of one of the continent's great ice streams to find out how they move and whether climatic change might trigger an acceleration in flow.

Career Choices for Developing Neurons
by David J. Anderson
The brain is a marvel of complexity, yet it begins as a few undifferentiated cells. Researchers are beginning to learn how some cells decide what roles they will play.

Voyager at Neptune
by Edward C. Stone
The last encounter of the spacecraft's grand tour illuminates similarities and differences among the giant planets and fills in some blanks in the solar system's history.


SURFboard: The Sun Also Polarizes

Lab Notes: Faster than a Speeding Fracture

Books: Dostoevsky: The Author as Psychoanalyst by Louis Breger


Random Walk