Table of Contents

The Hell Bomb by William L. Laurence
Mathematics, Queen and Servant of Science by Eric Temple Bell
The Human Use of Human Beings by Norbert Wiener


Students and the Draft
by L. A. DuBridge

Cloud Seeding—A New Technology
It's still in the experimental stage, but we are already on the threshold of controlling certain weather events on a fairly large scale.
by E. Bollay, R. D. Elliott and P. B. MacCready, Jr.

Science in Art
Raphael's "School of Athens"
by E. C. Watson

The Scientific Fisherman
An extract from the forthcoming book, Dry-Fly Trout Fishing
by William W. Michael

Campus News:

The Month at Caltech

The Beaver
Some notes on student life
by Bob Madden '51

Alumni News



The Institute Archives
by Roger Stanton