Table of Contents

God and the Man at Yale: The Superstition of "Academic Freedom" by William F. Buckley , Jr.


Earthquakes—Recorded on Tape
Caltech's Seismological Laboratory is making continuous sound recordings of the movements of the earth—and starting operation of the world's best earthquake recording station on Palomar Mountain.

From Freshman Camp to Freshman Initiation
Some candid shots of the early days of the Class of '55

The Double Life of Dr. Bell
Or Dr. Bell and Mr. Taine
Second in a series of biographical sketches of Caltech faculty members.

The American Universities Field Staff
A group of representative colleges and universities, including Caltech, organizes its own corp of correspondents to furnish firsthand information on foreign areas.

Campus News:

The Month at Caltech

The Beaver
Some notes on student life
by Al Haber '53