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The 200-Inch Telescope Photographs the Moon and the Planets

Petroleum Production Research at Caltech
The story of Project 37, a fundamental research program which has produced some spectacularly practical results in the petroleum industry.

The Men Behind Project 37
Some notes on William N. Lacey and Bruce H. Sage

An Uncolored View of Chlorophyll
A plant physiologist casts a critical eye on the current chlorophyll craze.
by Arthur W. Galston

Artificial Meteors
A progress report on research in this field—and a look at the future.
by Fritz Zwicky

Radio Astronomy
The 200-inch Palomar telescope and the 100-inch telescope on Mount Wilson collaborate with the radio telescope to investigate "radio stars."

Campus News:

The Month at Caltech

Students' Day 1952
by Gordon Reiter '56

Alumni News


Lost Alumni