Table of Contents

From Fish to Philosopher by Homer W. Smith
General Chemistry by Linus Pauling
Conquest of the Moon by Wernher von Braun, Fred L. Whipple, and Willy Ley
Atomic Weapons in Land Combat by Col. G. C. Reinhardt and Lt. Col. W. R. Kintner


The President's Report
Some highlights from Dr. DuBridge's 1952-53 report on the Institute

The Stingray
Though he's not generally considered to be belligerent he's still a very formidable-looking fish—and if you tread on him you're not likely to forget it.
by Findlay Russell

The Caltech Alumni
II. Their Religion and Politics
by John R. Weir

Campus News:

Some Notes on Student Life
Interhouse Dance
by Jim Crosby '54

The Month at Caltech

Undergraduate Scholarship at Caltech
by L. Winchester Jones
Director of Undergraduate Scholarships

Alumni News