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The World We Live In by the Editorial Staff of Life and Lincoln Barnett
The Time Book of Science by Johnathan Norton Leonard


World Affairs are Your Affairs
The text of the main speech given by Mr. Hoffman when he visited the campus recently in the YMCA's Leaders of America program.
by Paul G. Hoffman

Cosmic Rays at the North Pole
Cosmic rays have been studied at the earth's surface, at the bottom of lakes and mines, and high in the atmosphere. Now Caltech researchers are studying them at the north geomagnetic pole.
by Lyman Fretwell '56

Engineering Education in India
To feed, clothe and house India's 300 million is largely an engineering task. Here is how India is meeting her need for engineers.
by Alfred C. Ingersoll

Campus News:

The Month at Caltech

Student Life
It seems there were three Techmen...
by Russ Hunter '57

Alumni News