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In This Issue

The Citadel of Learning by James Bryant Conant
New Worlds of Modern Science edited by Leonard Engel


A Salute to T. H. von Karman
by E. E. Sechler

The Earth Satellite Program
How, when, where and why the United States will begin its first scientific observations of outer space.
by W. H. Pickering

Muscovite Make-Believe
Deceit and self-deception—so vital to the functioning of Soviet society—make the Russians both dangerous and difficult to deal with. Some remarks on what we might do about it.
by Heinz E. Ellersieck

Geologists in the Field

Viruses and Cancer
A report on research in progress at Caltech on the viruses that—instead of killing cells—cause them to multiple at a much faster rate.
by Harry Rubin

Campus News:

The Month at Caltech

Student Life
An International Affair
by Tom Bergeman, '56

Alumni News

Alumni Seminar Day

The Caltech Undergraduate
—and What You Can Do With Him
by Fritz Trapnell, '56