Table of Contents


The Arithmetic of Computers by Norman A. Crowder
Adventures in Algebra by Norman A. Crowder and Grace C. Martin


An Industrialist Looks at Higher Education
"As an industrialist, I hold that business should accept the challenge of financial responsibility to keep it not only virile but free."
by Alfred P. Sloan

Farewell to Beadle
George W. Beadle, chairman of the division of biology, and acting dean of the faculty at Caltech, leaves the Institute next month to become chancellor of the University of Chicago.

Research in Progress
Caltech's Radio Observatory investigates one of the most puzzling objects that astronomers have ever encountered.

Identifying and Encouraging Potential Scientists
The most challenging aspect of education today.
by John R. Weir

Campus News:

The Month at Caltech

Student Life
The Great Rose Bowl Hoax.
by Lance Taylor, '62