Table of Contents


To Charles Lauritsen and His Heritage
An Introduction by Carl Anderson, Chairman, Division of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy

Kellogg Laboratory: The Early Years
by Thomas Lauritsen

Nuclear Astrophysics Today and Yesterday
by William A. Fowler

Radiation Therapy
by R. Stewart Harrison

Mirror Nuclei and Charge Symmetry
by Thomas A. Tombrello

Nuclear Beta-Decay Studies
by Charles A. Barnes

Where Does the Sun Get Its Energy?
by Ralph W. Kavanagh

Atomic Spectroscopy and the Abundance of the Elements
by Ward Whaling and George M. Lawrence

Relativistic Astrophysics at Caltech: 1923-1969
by Kip S. Thorne

The Time Scales of Nucleosynthesis
by Donald S. Burnett and Gerald J. Wasserburg

Accelerators, Channeling, and Solid State Physics
by James W. Mayer