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Cure for Chaos by Simon Ramo


In 1969—Two Nobel Prizes
Biologist Max Delbruck and physicist Murray Gell-Mann become the Institute's twelfth and thirteenth winners.

Delbruck: Conscience, Goad, and Sage
While looking for a paradox he never discovered, he helped found molecular biology and inspired hundreds of colleagues to emulate his own high standards of scholarship.

Gell-Mann: Order Out of Chaos
His three major contributions have given hope that man may someday understand what matter is really made of.

The Death of a Star
A star is only a glowing pause in the escapable contraction of a gas cloud to an uncertain, sometimes fantastic, end.
by Kip S. Thorne

Research Notes
Sampling curriculum. Counting photons. Measuring Marsquakes

Campus News:

The Inauguration of Harold Brown

Caltech: A Singular Opportunity
The inaugural address
by Harold Brown

The Month at Caltech