Table of Contents


Alfred Nobel, The Loneliest Millionaire by Michael Evlanoff and Marjorie Fluor
Discovery, Invention, Research Through the Morphological Approach by Fritz Zwicky
History of the East and Central Africa to the Late Nineteenth Century by Basil Davidson


The Brain of Pooh: An Essay on the Limits of Mind
by Robert L. Sinsheimer

Back to the Drawing Board
Growing artists in a greenhouse

Some Second Sober Thoughts on Vice President Agnew
by Fred Friendly

Re-exploring the Colorado
A group of geologists match footprints with the men who made the first trip down the river a century ago.

Why Study Chemistry?
by Richard E. Dickerson
For one thing, there are blunders of the past to correct. For another—we might even find out what life is, where it came from, and how it operates.

Research Notes
The moon revealed—I, II, III. Place in the sun. Leukemia and DNA.

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