Table of Contents

The Coming of the Golden Age: A View of the End of Progress by Gunther S. Stent


Biological Bases of Human Behavior
An Introduction by Robert L. Sinsheimer

Induced Psychopathology in Monkeys
by Harvey F. Harlow and Stephen J. Suomi

Recent Evidence on the Evolution of Aggressive Behavior
by David Hamburg

Excerpts from Evolution of Primate DNA
by David Kohne

Physiological and Psychological Characteristics of Stone Age Man
by Carleton Gajdusek

Excerpts from Socio-Genetic Influences of Chromosome Complements
by Kennedy McWhirter

Matched Pairs of Hermaphrodites: Behavioral Biology of Sexual Differentiation from Chromosomes to Gender Identity
by John Money

The Heritability of Intelligence
by Arthur R. Jensen

Excerpts from The Nature of Human Variation
by Richard Lewontin

Human Purine Metabolism and Behavior
by William L. Nyhan

Alfred H. Sturtevant (1891-1970)
A tribute by Edward Lewis