Table of Contents

The Frontier Challenge edited by John G. Clark
Complex Variables Applied in Science and Engineering by Harold Wayland
Cavitation by Robert T. Knapp, James W. Daily, and Frederick G. Hammitt
Discovery, Invention, Research, Through the Morphological Approach by Fritz Zwicky
Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations by Leon Lapidus and John Seinfeld


Creating the Next Discipline

Baxter Hall—A Laboratory for the Humanities and Social Sciences

A Time of Metamorphosis
We are facing an identity crisis for the species, a rite of passage from life in a world we never made, to life, for better or worse, in a world of human design.
by Robert L. Sinsheimer

Energy Unlimited
Huttenback's Law says that energy begets energy; it also produces a lot of solid achievement.

Robert B. Corey—1897-1971
by N. A. D'Arcy, Jr.

Shock-Wave Alchemy

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The Month at Caltech

Laboratory Exercise