Table of Contents

Air Power: Key to Survival by Alexander P. de Seversky
Plant Biochemistry by James Bonner
Chance and Choice by Lancelot Hogben
The Los Angeles Book Photographs by Max Yavno, Text by Lee Shippey
Black Bonanza by Frank J. Taylor and Earl M. Welty
Adventure into the Unknown by Laurence A. Hawkins
Man the Maker by R. J. Forbes

In This Issue


The Air Pollution Problem in Los Angeles
by A. J. Haagen-Smit

Two Radiation Detectors
Institute researchers develop a new nonstop cloud chamber and a nonstop Geiger counter
by C. M. Stearns

Science in Art
The Arts and Sciences in 1698
by E. C. Watson

Civil Defense
Some warnings and some recommendations
by Grant V. Jenkins '24
Los Angeles Coordinator of Civil Defense

Campus News:

Students' Day

The Month at Caltech

The Beaver
Some notes on student life
by Bob Madden '51

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