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A Changing Concept of Health Care
The new knowledge coming out of basic research laboratories will result in changes in health care of such magnitude that they will modify all of our lives and indeed our social institutions—our philosophies, laws, and politics—as well as the practice of medicine.
by William J. Dreyer

High-Flying Freshman
Hang-gliding is a fairly rarefied sport for college students, but it's nothing new for Taras Kiceniuk, Jr.

Ted Wu—Man in the Swim
Was it difficult for Ted Wu to make the big jump from China to Iowa? Yes, and it took him two weeks to feel at home.

Where Were the Pharaohs Buried?
Luis Alvarez is using the cosmic radiation from space to analyze the internal structure of Khefren's pyramid.

100 Supernovae—The Reward of a 40-year Search
by Fritz Zwicky

Research Notes
Clever Crustaceans
Pioneer 11—An Ace in the Hole
Superconducting Alloys
Replication Site in DNA
Flying Mountain

Campus News:

Retiring This Year—C. Hewitt Dix

The Month at Caltech