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The ABC's of Cancer
Cancer poses complex ethical questions as well as challenging clinical problems—and exciting opportunities for probing the innermost workings of the human cell.
by Leroy E. Hood

Cancer Research: Down to the Basics
At Caltech it is an accepted fact that, in the long run, basic research is often the best kind of applied research.

Crystal Growth through Solid Metal
An attempt to understand a relatively minor aspect of semiconductor processing has led to a new understanding of transistors.
by James O. McCaldin and James W. Mayer

Pioneer Women
For the first time, Caltech awards BS degrees to women—four of them: Stephanie Charles, Deborah Chung, Sharon Long, and Flora Wu.

"Being a woman at Caltech has its own special set of challenges."
by Sharon Long

The Making of Mahatma—Gandhi's South African Years
Gandhi is properly remembered as the father of India's independence, but his political technique of nonviolence was forged during the 21 years he lived in South Africa.
by Robert A. Huttenback

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