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Ruffles and Flourishes
In the hands of Jean-Paul Revel, the scanning electron microscope reveals how a cell moves.

A New Look at Our Restless Earth
The massive plates of the Earth's lithosphere are on the move—slowly.

Notes on a Trip to the Soviet Union
by James and Ingelore Bonner
Two weeks as guests of the Soviet Academy of Sciences is a mixed grill for 16 members of the Caltech community.

An Insight into Chemical Reactions
Computer models translated into wooden ones are helping Aron Kuppermann find out what happens when two molecules collide.

Thomas Lauritsen, 1915-1973
A tribute by Tom Tombrello

The Month at Caltech
New Course
Lake Throop
In Memoriam: John Barber, 1886-1873; Norman Chandler, 1899-1973
Caltech's Man on Skylab 3
Honors, Awards and Appointments

Campus News:

IT MAY LOOK EASY—but first you have to SUFFER
Caltech's Glee Club is a credit to its director, Olaf Frodsham—and to a lot of resolute student singers.

Project Oldstone—Greenland 1973
The summer vacation for some geologists was ten weeks at hard labor.