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Autobiography of a Physicist by Jesse W. M DuMond
Mars and the Mind of Man by Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Bruce Murray, Carl Sagan, Walter Sullivan
Is there Life on Mars? The Incredible Photographic Mission of Mariner 9 by Graham Berry
Systems Concepts: Lectures on Contemporary Approaches to Systems Edited by Ralph F. Miles Jr.
Economic Aspects of Television Regulation by Roger G. Knoll, Merton J. Peck, and John J. McGowan


A Revolution in Communications
Our communication needs keep outstripping our capability for coping with them, but we may solve the problem with integrated optical microcircuits.

Martian Map Makers
Mariner 9's spectacular pictures are even more spectacular in the round.

The End of the Olden Days
by Ernest Swift
A memoir of how it was in the—more or less—halcyon days just before Throop College of Technology became Caltech.

Technology in the Waning Century
by William H. Pickering
Afer the technological bonanza of the 1960's, science and technology changed almost overnight from hero to antihero. What are the prospects now?

Earthquakes: Patterns for Prediction
Seismologists are checking the seismic records of past earthquakes for telltale signs that might have foretold their approach.

Campus News:

Research Notes
Craters on Venus
Big Bear Gets a New Telescope
Planets and Planetesimals
Another Apollo

Summer at Caltech
Campus Progress Report
New Librarian
Named Professors
New Options for Undergraduates
The Caltech Navy
Chinese Junket
Chemical Change
Honors, Awards and Appointments