Engineering and Science, Volume 37:3, January 1974.

Engineering and Science, Volume 37:3, January 1974. [Journal Issue]

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Table of Contents

A Special Issue on Behavioral Biology

In This Issue

Behavioral Biology at Caltech
An introduction by Robert L. Sinsheimer

Where Behavior Begins
by Seymour Benzer
The genes, which so largely determine anatomical and biochemical characteristics, must surely interact with the environment to determine behavior. But how?

The Creation of Learning and Memory
by James Olds
The human brain is above all an educatable machine. For this naturally selected computer we have a set of cultural programs perfected over the centuries. Sad to say, we still do not understand either the basic machine or the programs.

From Spreading Depression to the Memory Trace
by Anthonie Van Harreveld
One characteristic of animals is the ability to learn from changes in the environment, and to react with changes in behavior.

The Behavior of Neurons
by C.A.G. Wiersma
Research on the nervous system of invertebrates is an important link between neurophysiology and behavior.

A Worm's-Eye View of the Brain
by Richard Russell
Although considerable progress can be made by asking general questions about the functions of different parts of the brain, we are still a long way from a "circuit diagram" of the brain.

Messages from the Laboratory
by Roger Sperry
On the present terms, human values become very much a problem for science, and in certain respects perhaps the most important problem today in the whole of science.

Line Detectors, Lion Detectors, and the Critical Period
by John Pettigrew
Some studies of the remarkable nature of changes that can be wrought on the developing brain by environment.

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