Table of Contents

Choosing One's Ancestors
by Solly Zuckerman
An anthropological agnostic reflects on the subjective and arbitrary nature of the recognition of an ancestor.

Power from the Wind
In our search for new energy sources we might pause to consider an old one.

An Outburst of Music
This year, the usual smorgasbord of musical activities has turned into a ten-course dinner.

An Earthquake—On Schedule
For the first time, Caltech scientists have been able to predict the time and location of a sizeable earthquake in California.

Rocks of Ages
Scientists from the "Lunatic Asylum" report on the oldest lunar sample and the youngest meteorite.

Trace-Metal Pollution—Sources, Routes, and Fates
What happens to metals emitted into the air by automobiles and industry?

Neurobiological Research with the Electric Ray
Torpedo californica contributes to the understanding of the mechanisms of nerve cell action.

The Month at Caltech