Table of Contents

Inquisition, Repression, and Ridicule
by Albert R. Hibbs
Does the scholarly community have an obligation to extend a respectable forum for the open discussion of repugnant theories?

The Search for Extraterrestrial Life
by Bernard M. Oliver
Man's first step toward maturity may be to contact life beyond the oslar system, to learn about it, and to share in its goasls.

The Mormons of Yesterday and Today
by Rodman W. Paul
How did 16,000 forlorn separatist outcasts of 1847 become the 3,500,000 prosperous, patriotic, middle-class Mormons of today?

The Chemistry is Right
Arnold O. Beckman and Caltech have been working together for more than 50 years. Some highlights from those years—and from Beckman's other careers.

The Relevance of Science
by Sir George Porter
The ultimate relevance of science is to try to discover man's purpose by every means in our power.

Richard M. Badger, 1896-1974

Dan H. Campbell, 1907-1974