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The Chemistry of Caltech
by Harry B. Gray
Caltech's 1975 Commencement Address—Or How Commencement Speakers are Chosen

Humanism and Science
by Robert L. Sinsheimer
The most common view of the relation between humanism and science is that the two are antithetic, but a biologist finds them complementary.

Thoughts at Liftoff
by Poul Anderson
A noted science fiction writer reports for E&S on the launch of the last Apollo.

Inflation—A Monetary or a Fiscal Problem?
by Gilbert W. Fitzhugh
A Caltech trustee's view of inflation rebuts that of economics professor Alan Sweezy, presented in E&S last spring.

On Motorcycling
by John D. Pettigrew
A 6,000-mile ride from California to Alaska and back proves to a pair of biologists that motorcycles are the only way to go.

Paul C. Eaton, 1905-1975

Speaking Of . . .
William A. Fowler
The Throop Site