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Clarity of Thought and Higher Education
by John H. Knowles, MD
As education focuses more narrowly on specialized vocations, we face the hazard of producing a nation of idiot savants.

Smart Energy—A Key Role for Computers
by Robert H. Cannon Jr.
The miracle of the digital computer is giving us the opportunity to employ new levels of care and skill in solving our energy shortage problems.

Energy Realities for Tomorrow
by Robert C. Seamans Jr.
No limited mix of energy technologies can provide our country with the flexibility to meet our needs.

Mars—Up Close
Some specatcular pictures of a freshly revealed planet.

Centrifuges in the Earth Sciences: A Revolutionary Idea
by Ronald F. Scott
According to this brief history of its development, the centrifuge is a uniquely useful tool.

A New Observatory in Chile
Las Campanas joins Mount Wilson and Palomar.

In Memoriam
James Olds, 1922-1976
Roger Stanton, 1898-1976
Jerome Vinograd, 1913-1976