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Defending Against Disaster
by Roger G. Noll
What we know—and what we don't know—about the adequacy of society's defenses against a major earthquake.

Testing a Hypothesis
A geophysicist makes an earthquake "prediction."

Nuclear Power Plants—Weighing Benefits and Risks
by Harold Brown
We have not yet focused on the realities of current energy shortages. What happens will be determined largely by what we do in the next decade about nuclear energy.

An Inquiry Into Inquiry
by Robert L. Sinsheimer
For a scientist to challenge freedom of inquiry is akin to heresy—but is inquiry itself to be exempt from inquiry?

Souvenirs from Russia
Both dolls and moon rocks come from Russia in complicated packages.

Managing Innovation
by Monte C. Throdahl
In large organizations the management of innovation is not an option—it is an obligation.

Retiring This Year
Carl Anderson
Robert F. Bacher
C. A. G. Wiersma
Ernest E. Sechler

Speaking Of . . .
True Confessions
Where They Go From Here