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What's the Use of the Humanities? A Primer for the Perplexed
by W. T. Jones
A philosopher's small joke about the humanities—which may call attention to some features that have been overlooked.

In the Footprints of Future Man
by James Bonner
We have in our hands the first rudimentary tools for escaping extinction and lifting ourselves to a new and better species. When will we start?

Action in Chemistry
by Harry Gray
There's a lot going on in chemistry today—and much of it is likely to have an impact on the world's long-term needs in energy, food and materials.

The Big Copper Caper
Some Caltech chemists are willing to stand up and take it off for copper.

Donald Sherman Clark, 1906-1976
A tribute by William H. Corcoran

Computer Science—A Timely Idea
Under the direction of Ivan Sutherland, Caltech's new computer science program looks like an idea whose time has come.

Man of Parts
by Graham Berry
Bruce Rule relinquishes a few of his many titles.