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The Next Eighty Years
by Harrison Brown
Our industrial society may be far more vulnerable and far less resilient, in the ecological sense, than we have assumed.

The Impact of Earthquake Prediction
by J. Eugene Haas
With an early scientifically credible prediction, it may be possible to have a large earthquake and only a small disaster.

Life on the Early Earth
by Lynn Margulis
The very long period of time before the appearance of animals on the earth was nevertheless one of an enormous amount of evolution.

Retiring This Year
Max Delbruck
Alan Sweezy
Olga Taussky Todd

Why Don't We Have a National Energy Policy?
by John M. Teem
The difficult part of formulating an energy policy is trying to make sense out of the whole range of policies and resources.

Arie Jan Haagen-Smit, 1900-1977
A Tribute by James Bonner

William Noble Lacey, 1890-1977
A Tribute by Ernest Swift