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Outline for an Acceptable Nuclear Future
by Alvin M. Weinberg
Can we draft a peace treaty between those who oppose and those who support nuclear energy and thus create an acceptable nuclear future?

Vision and Birds of the Night
by John D. Pettigrew, MD
A Caltech biologist speculates that there is a relation between the kind of eyes found in some exotic birds and the fact that they live nocturnal lives.

The Possibility and Consequences of Climatic Change
by Stephen Schneider
Is the world's climate changing, or isn't it? If it is, what will be the effect on lands and people?

My Life as a Hired Gun
by John Andelin, BS '55, PhD '67
An informal account of a Techer's life in politics.

The Italian Connection
by David L. Goodstein
A Caltech physicist finds an unexpected island of tranquility in the tumultuous sea of Italian university life.