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The Case of the Missing Solar Neutrinos
by William A. Fowler, PhD '36
A distinguished astrophysicist reports on a still-unsolved problem for scientific detectives.

Caltech's New President
An introduction to Marvin L. Goldberger, who will become President of Caltech on July 1.

Health in the Decades Ahead
by David A. Hamburg, MD, and Sarah Spaght Brown
We must develop a broader science base and more compassionate society, not only to cope with disease and disability, but to improve the quality of life—and perhaps even to survive as a species.

Caltech Revisited
An interview with Abraham Kaplan, Mellon Visiting Professor fo Philosohpy for two terms this year, who takes a look at Caltech after an 11-year absence.

Retiring This Year
Pol Duwez
Milton S. Plesset
Robert D. Wayne