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Very Large Scale Integration: Designing "Street Maps" of North America • htmlpdf
Carver Mead and other Caltech computer scientists pioneer new methods of coping with the complexity of tomorrow's silicon chip.

JDR • htmlpdf
John D. Roberts was visible on campus even before he added the administrative jobs of vice president, provost, and dean of the faculty to his academic position as Institute professor of chemistry.

Future Prospects for Low-Pollution Combustion Engines • htmlpdf
by Francis H. Clauser
The reseach of a Caltech engineer shows that the fundamental limits of the combustion engine allow much lower emissions of pollutants than have so far been achieved. In fact, automobile exhaust cleaner by several powers of ten is possible.

The Scientific Method • htmlpdf
by David and Judith Goodstein
A physicist and a historian of science discuss the development of the scientific method and how - and whether - practicing scientists really use it.

Campus News:

Research in Progress • htmlpdf
Signs of Life: Heinz Lowenstam continues to find biologically produced minerals in seemingly hostile environments.
Catalyst Converter: Fred Anson and his colleaues are testing complex molecules fashioned to act as improved catalysts in fuel cells.