Table of Contents

Random Walk

Special Section: Power Players
by Katie Neith, Lori Oliwenstein, Kathy Svitil, and Marcus Woo
In this special section, John Dabiri, Robert Grubbs, Frances Arnold, Nate Lewis, Harry Gray, Harry Atwater, Sossina Haile, Mani Chandy, and Steven Low show that alternative energy is actually mainstream at Caltech. Also included: a map of our sustainable campus.

The Prodigal Sun Returns
by Lori Oliwenstein
The spectacular centerpiece of the newly renovated Linde + Robinson Laboratory for Global Environmental Science is a solar telescope that's not merely being reused—it's being completely reimagined.

From Rags to (Educational) Riches
by Katie Neith
Trash doesn't have to be a dirty word. The founders of Trash for Teaching are teaching art, science, and environmental awareness using clean, safe industrial castoffs that would otherwise have wound up in a landfill. Vive le garbage!