Table of Contents

From the President

Random Walk
A Mars Rover, An Asteroid Orbiter, A French Teacher, A Cooking Techer, A Dino Thermometer, and more!

From Dendrites to Decisions
by Lori Oliwenstein
Learning is a many-layered process, and figuring out how we do it is attracting Caltech scientists from molecular biologists to economists.

The Scientific Life
by Kathy Svitil
Senior Faculty Associate Alice Huang and recently graduated senior Grayson Chadwick talk about blazing your own trail.

Lessons from Japan
by Katie Neith
New technologies and old-fashioned collaborations reveal the inner dynamics of the magnitude-9.0 Tohoku earthquake in unprecedented detail.

Plenty of Room at the Blackboard
by Kathy Svitil
The annual Feynman prize honors Caltech's outstanding teachers.

Alumni Impact
by Ramanuj Basu
Yes, Virginia, there is life after Caltech.


We asked alumni...