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From the President

Random Walk
Scintillating Neutrinos, Sporulating Membranes, Selenocentric Spacecraft, and more!

Different Minds
by Lori Oliwenstein
The word autism covers what is really a spectrum of disorders, but they all appear to result from nonstandard connections between various parts of the brain.

Connect the Dots
by Katie Neith
Implantable electronics can reconnect parts of the nervous system that have been damaged by disease or disability.

Programming Molecular Apps
by Marcus Y. Woo
The future of programming may lie with DNA—but the vision behind tomorrow's apps extends beyond biology.

Naturally Inspired
by Kimm Fesenmaier
The Wright Brothers designed flying machines by watching birds. Caltech bioengineers, inspired by zebrafish embryos, are designing "living" pumps.

Some Assembly Required
by Kathy Svitil
Artificial tissues made from lifelike proteins could give "growing your own" in a medical context an entirely new meaning.

Alumni Impact
by Katharine Gammon
Caltech alumni began leaving their mark in translational medicine nearly a century before there was such a field.

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