Engineering and Science, Volume 51:3, Spring 1988

Engineering and Science, Volume 51:3, Spring 1988. [Journal Issue]

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Table of Contents

In This Issue

Simplicity and Complexity in the Description of Nature
by Murray Gell-Mann
What do the concepts of simplicity and complexity mean, particularly in terms of scientific theory?

Why Do Galaxies Exist?
by Martin Rees
The clumping of matter necessary for the birth of galaxies may be the result of a primeval "accident" in the distribution of dark matter.

Interesting Times in Geophysics
by Robert Finn
Varying interpretations of data from new techniques for exploring the Earth's interior yield complexity and controversy.


John F. Benton
Richard P. Feynman

Research in Progress
Perfect Timing
Instant Jupiter: Just Add Water

Random Walk

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