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Where Do We Go Next In Space?
by Bruce Murray
The director of Caltech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory expresses his concern for space science and for the role of the United States in future space exploration.

The Ripple Effect
What happens when people with ideas come together in an environment that encourages communication?

Tiny Bubbles
by Dennis Meredith
The day may soon come when minuscule drug-carrying spheres injected into the body will home in on tumors and diseased organs. When it does, we'll have Perturbed Angular Correlation spectroscopy to thank.

The Wright Way to Fly
With Caltech professor Fred Culick as pilot, the Wright brothers' historic "Flyer" will fly again — reincarnated in a full-size replica currently under construction.


Research in Progress
Space Available — Middle Stages

Student Life
The 1982 Student-Faculty Conference — by Sue VandeWoude, '82

— by, about, and of interest to Caltech people

Random Walk
Sharing the Wealth — Ready To Go