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Brain, Computer, and Memory
by John Hopfield
Although brain and computer have similar abilities to store and retrieve memories, they go about performing these tasks in different ways.

To Know, To Understand, To Do
by Hans W. Liepmann
Caltech's Charles Lee Powell Professor of Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics addresses the graduates of the class of 1982.

Leasing the Air: An Alternative Approach to Regulation?
by Roger Noll
Would creating a market for permits to pollute the air provide a more efficient way to satisfy air-quality objectives than the current regulatory processes?

Palomar's Future: Too Bright?
In this interview, Gerry Neugebauer, director of the Palomar Observatory and professor of physics at Caltech, discusses the current value to astronomy of the observatory's telescopes and the threat of light pollution to their effectiveness. The interview was conducted by Dennis Meredith, director of the Caltech News Bureau.


Student Life
Ditch Day Stacks Up — One Senior's Account – by Robert Lang, '82

Research in Progress
Far Out — Inside Turbulence

Retirements — 1982
Robert P. Dilworth — William A. Fowler — Norman H. Horowitz

Random Walk
New JPL Director — Oppenheimer Revisited — Humming Along