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The Search for Gravitational Waves
by Ronald W. P. Drever
Discovering gravity waves experimentally will open a new era of astronomy. An extremely sensitive Caltech detector is preparing to join the hunt for these very faint signals from space.

The Luminescent Solar Concentrator: An Illuminating Solution for Solar Energy
by Dennis Meredith
Plastic sheets permeated with laser dyes make photo voltaic cells more efficient in reaping electricity from the sun.

It's a Real Zoo
An illustrated view of man and beast at Caltech.

Onions or Plum Puddings?
by David 1. Stevenson
A planetary scientist discusses how planets form and evolve, particularly how the heavy material gets to the inside and leaves the light material on the outside.

William H. Corcoran, 1920-1982
A report of the memorial service held for the late Institute Professor of Chemical Engineering.


Student Life
To Do Mathematics: The Odyssey of a Soviet Emigré

Research in Progress
Digital vs. Analog — Communication Gap — Halley Heralded

Random Walk
Scenery Changes — Kenneth Wilson