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Biology and Chemistry in the Braun Laboratories
by Leroy Hood
A brief review of what and who at CaItech brought about the work now being done in this newest campus facility and a glimpse of what the future may hold in store.

Biotechnology and Medicine of the Future
by Leroy Hood and Michael Hunkapiller
The 1980s appear to be the decade of biotechnology. The authors of this article discuss how two aspects of biotechnology — recombinant DNA and microchemical instrumentation — will impinge on medicine of the future.

Structure and Function in Biochemistry
by John H. Richards
A distinguished organic chemist discusses a very new technique that is being used to study the relation between protein structure and function.

Biochemical Studies on Gene Expression in Higher Organisms
by Carl Parker
A chemical biologist is trying to understand at the molecular level the mechanisms controlling gene expression, that is, the biochemical cams, springs, levers, and pulleys that make genes work.

How to Find Needles in Haystacks: Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting
by Ellen Rothenberg
The dual-laser fluorescence-activated cell sorter is an irreplaceable tool for isolating rare cells from mixed populations or for determining which properties are correlated in populations of cells that differ in many ways.


Research in Progress
Good Vibes — Drug Footprints

Oral History
Pol Duwez recalls something of his early life in Belgium and his early research at Caltech and JPL, all of which led to his pioneering work in the development of metallic glasses.

Random Walk
New Provost — In Memoriam — Driver Education — Richter Seismo Lab