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A Crystal Ball Looks at Charm and Beauty
by Frank C. Porter and Charles W. Peck
The current search for understanding of the strongest known force in the universe involves a sophisticated apparatus, two elusive particles, and a lot of ingenuity and determination.

A Duty to Profess
Caltech's President Marvin Goldberger sets an example by teaching a term of freshman physics.

Impediments to Successful University-Industry Research Relationships
by Donald R . Fowler
Universities need industrial funding, and industry needs to keep in touch with advances in science and technology. Caltech's General Counsel reports on his survey designed to identify the barriers that keep these groups apart.

Universities and Industry in Collaboration
Three managers of industrial research and one from academia discuss their real-life experiences in university-industry research relationships.

A CADRE of Engineering Computers at Caltech
by Dennis Meredith
The director of Caltech's News Bureau describes what computer-aided design can do for research and education at the Institute.

A Sonnet from Science
The Feynman Lectures on Physics were published just 20 years ago — a fact that elicited a little poetry from alumnus Jonathan Post and a few statistics from publisher Addison-Wesley.


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Research in Progress
Birdbrains — Infusion

Random Walk
New PMA Head — Commencement Speaker — Seminar Day — Getting a Move On