Engineering and Science, Volume 59:3, 1996

Engineering and Science, Volume 59:3, 1996. [Journal Issue]

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Table of Contents

The Caltech Electronic Nose Project
by Nathan S. Lewis
Caltech scientists build an artificial nose, using things you may already have around the house.

Feynman's Lost Lecture: The Motion of Planets Around the Sun
by David L. Goodstein and Judith R. Goodstein
An onginal geometric proof is resurrected from a few pages of notes and drawings.

Turbulence, Fractals, and CCDs
by Paul E. Dimotakis
Faster, more powerful computers and high-tech video cameras designed for interplanetary spacecraft are giving us a better look at the complexities of turbulence.

What Is Life? A Closer Look
by Robert L. Sinsheimer
Recent DNA sequencing offers insight into cellular organization.


Books: Thread of the Silkworm by Iris Chang

Oral History: Norman Davidson

Random Walk

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