Table of Contents

Dreaming of Hypermaps
by Roy D. Williams
The global computer network known as the Internet, and the wealth of geographic data available through it, could offer infinitely detailed custom cartography to all—even armchair explorers.

Current Work
by Frank O. Gehry
One of the world's most distinguished architects talks about some of the ideas behind his buildings: the urban village, collaboration with artists, computer-cut curved shapes—and fish.

Heart Attack or Heartburn: New Chemical Diagnostics That Make the Call
Thomas J. Meade
MRI- and DNA-based diagnostic methods being developed on campus are a far cry from X rays.

A Celebration of Willy Fowler
During a symposium to honor the late physicist, his sense of fun and love of parties, as well as his contributions to science, are remembered by colleagues, family, and great-grand-students.

Random Walk