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Tall Buildings, Bad Welds, Large Earthquakes—Big Problems
by John F. Hall
Steel-frame buildings, long thought to be our most earrhquake-resistant form of construction, didn 't fare well in the Northridge earthquake when their welds cracked prematurely.

Alzheimer's Disease: Causes and Effects
Five scientists discuss recent research advances on a disease characrerized by selective neuron degeneration and consequent loss of memory and other brain functions.

The Yang of Nurrition ... the Yin of Food
by Paul Saltman
A biologist (and Distinguished Alum) tells you how to eat right and enjoy it. Forget guilt—pizza is very nutritious.

Quirky tales of 20th-century physics greats, as remembered by a former Caltech postdoc who went on to his own fame and fortune.


Lab Notes: He Tells Death Knells from rhe Seafloor; It's the Dawn of a New Sunspot Cycle

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