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Inauguration of the President
Some pictorial highlights from the inauguration of Marvin L. Goldberger as Caltech's fourth chief executive

Caltech: Harnessing Science and Technology with Wisdom
by Marvin L. Goldberger
In his inaugural address, Caltech's new president talks about some of his hopes and plans for the Institute's future.

The Trip of a Lifetime
How to endow a professorship—and have the time of your life

Interstellar Molecules
by Gillian Knapp
Observations of the spectral lines of a great many interstellar molecules has made it possible for radio astronomers to construct a scenario for the formation of stars.

The Millimeter-Wave Telescope
It opens up a new region of the spectrum to radio astronomers.

Caltech Goes to China: Entries from a Diary
by Rodman W. Paul
Part I of an account of a trip to China, taken by a ten-man delegation of Caltech trustees, administrators, and Division representatives.

Robert L. Daugherty, 1885-1978
A tribute by his colleagues